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What's that button?

What does the AOC or Harmony button do? When should I use it?

The AOC (Automatic Organ Computer or Any Old Chord) button or the Harmony button makes the player sound like a pro. Single melody notes on the top keyboard are automatically multiplied so single notes sound rich and full-- like you are playing full chords with both hands.

To make it work, you need to press the AOC or Harmony button—it should light up—and play a note on the lower keyboard with MCS or the EZ button on or play a 3 note chord on the lower keyboard without MCS or EZ. Once you do that, play a note on the top keyboard. Listen to the full and rich sound!

Just play your song as you would normally do, but now you sound like a pro.

You don’t even need to use the orchestrated backgrounds. If the melody sounds too low, move your right hand to the higher octave.

Use AOC or Harmony on the last part of the song for a big finish or just to practice and sound good. You will sound 3 times better!

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