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Question: Which Musical Style Should I Use?

Question: How do I choose the correct style or rhythm to play along with my song? Should I use “waltz,” “country,” “8 beat” or what?


There is no special “correct” musical style or rhythm background to play with any particular song. You can play any song with any style. A good rule of thumb is that if the melody is busy with lots of eighth notes and quarter notes, choose a style that is not too busy, like Piano Slow or Soft and Easy, Smooth, EZ Country or 8 Beat Slow. If the melody has lots of half notes and whole notes, use a background style with arpeggios and more complicated orchestrations.

The title of the song and words of the song help too. If the song is “Beer Barrel Polka,” chances are Polka would be the best choice. If the song is “Tennessee Waltz,” a country waltz would be a good choice.

Lowrey has great Song Set-ups to help you. Just select the name of the song in the Song Set-up file and the organ sets up the melody sounds, the background style and the speed and balances. All you do is play the song. Several other instruments have similar features.

But remember, there is no right or wrong. It is the way you like it. If you like “Holy, Holy, Holy” played with a bossa nova orchestrated style, it is the right style for you.

You can also take a style and slow it down or speed it up and create a completely different feeling. Be adventurous! Performers like Willie Nelson, Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles covered older songs written by others and made them much better with their new arrangements.

Have fun! That’s why you bought the instrument.

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