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  Lesson Programs for All    

Private Lessons and Group Classes for Children

Why Choose Kathy’s Kids Lesson Program?

  • Designed specifically for children’s needs

  • Flexible Schedule

  • Individual Attention

  • Dedicated Teachers

  • Free Concerts and Workshops

  • Performance Opportunities

Private Lessons for ages 5-18

$20 for weekly half-hour lesson. 

        Discount if paid monthly in advance:

           $15 per week.

Private Lessons-Marella Broxterman

Marella Broxterman, Director of Kids Music Education, teaches private lessons for kids on piano, organ and keyboard.

Monday through Friday, after school for ages 5 and up.

Call Marella directly at 513-349-7653 to schedule lessons.

A CCM grad and accomplished church musician, Marella has been teaching at Kathy’s Happy Organs & Pianos for more than 14 years.

Group Class-John Zulli for ages 8-12
Private Lessons-Kathy Schwartz

Owner, Kathy Schwartz, teaches private lessons on Fridays and Saturdays only.  Ages 5 and up.

Kathy learned to play as an adult and has been teaching for over 35 years. She knows anyone can learn to play with the right approach and understands what a life-changing experience this can be.

Call Kathy at 513-245-2295 to schedule private lessons.

John Zulli teaches a weekly one-hour group keyboard class on Thursday evenings for students ages 8-12.  Class is limited to six students per class, and is $12 per week, paid monthly in advance

John is a CCM grad and retired public school music teacher.  He has been teaching group keyboard classes at Kathy’s for 8 years.

Call John directly at 513-335-1151

to enroll in these popular keyboard classes.

John also offers private lessons on band instruments by appointment.

Children who take music lessons develop:

  • Better memory skills

  • Better math skills

  • Better visuospatial abilities

  • Better literacy skills and verbal articulation

  • Increased IQ

  • Improved Concentration

  • Improved Test Scores

  • Better right & left brain communication

  • Increased poise and self-confidence

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